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Do you need to go Digital?

by Michael Deane, on Apr 24
Most people will simply say “yes”, and be done with the issue.

However, as a business owner, you need to consider every option, and make sure you are doing just the right research for your future marketing efforts. It’s quite easy to be sold on a new digital marketing tactic that has done wonders for someone else, but you should know your target audience best, and know what tactics will have the most impact.

In fact, the reason we all know just how many digital campaigns are being run is because we work in the same industry, and are in tune with what others are doing. Can we say the same of offline marketing?

Is Offline Marketing Dead?

Clearly – no.

No matter what people tell you, you can still attract the audience you want by operating offline. This is especially true for certain businesses, but even those operating exclusively online can benefit from offline advertising.

The trick is that the search results page is only so long. If there are two thousand companies vying for the same position, most of them will not make it. The same goes for any other online ad space. Yes, there is plenty of it to go around, and as more and more people jump on board, the space will keep expanding. But why not use the vacancy left by all the people migrating online, and advertise there?

Do you have business cards? Why not have some printed boards made and place them around your place of business? Attend industry events, do promo merchandise, appear on local radio, do something super fun in your neighborhood, host a charity event, anything that might help you reach people in real life.

Aligning all of Your Ducks

While we are on the subject of offline tactics – there is one hugely important thing you need to bear in mind when it comes to any type of marketing. You need to be on the same page across all boards. You wouldn’t run conflicting campaigns on different social media channels, would you?

The same goes for aligning you online and offline efforts. If your goal is to have people sign up for a free trial of your product, than that is the goal you are going after offline as well. While you may not be able to put a link under their noses and have them click on it, you can still entice them with the same type of carrot.

The Glory of the Internet

To answer the burning question, yes, you should by all means go digital. Even if it is not much more than setting up a website that communicates your brand’s message to your audience. Even if you are doing most of your marketing offline, many of the people you reach will want to know more, and the easiest way to do that is to check out your website.

Online marketing offers something offline marketing can’t: high targetability, an infinite reach, ease of measurement and the chance to learn from your mistakes as they unfold. It can also be more cost effective, and if done right, digital marketing can unlock unprecedented growth potential.

The key point being if done right. This is why you should never rush into any marketing without doing some proper research, building a plan, and only then starting to execute the tactics you feel might work. If they are handing out balloons in parks, or offering free cupcakes at networking events, if they are reaching out to another company to set off a venture together, if it works, you are all right. Remember that every good idea is born out of the funeral pyre of fifty bad ones, and don’t be scared to fan that fire.

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