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Could your startup be a case study in my book?

by Donatas Jonikas, PhD, from UAB "Marketologai", on Jun 3
If you are running a startup, get 3 benefits by answering this short survey: simultaneously check up your business idea, download useful templates for your startup development and maybe even get your startup mentioned in the book!
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I'm a marketing consultant with over 10 years of experience, public speaker, lecturer and author of 3 practical marketing course books for international students. I’m currently writing a book “Evolution Curve: Startup Success Manual” and I need your help. To make this book extremely useful in practice, I have set a challenging goal – to survey 1.000 startups worldwide. So, if you are running a startup or have an innovative business idea, I would appreciate your help. Somebody say, this is unrealistic goal, but I’m sure it is even more than possible. Thank you, David Goldsmit, for your encouragement during the INVESTOR DAY in Vilnius!


1. Smart checkup of your startup business idea

The survey is based on “Evolution Curve” methodology. Therefore all questions will lead you over 5 stages of startup development and allow you quickly to check up current status of your startup. I hope the survey will be truly useful for you, and you’ll come to some insights how to develop your startup faster and avoiding expensive pitfalls.

2. Useful templates for startup development and video seminar

As a thank you for your help I’m sharing set of templates which I’ve been effectively using for years in my marketing practice. Furthermore, I will share with you my insights and advices in video seminar “Irresistible offer: the essence of startup success”

3. Get your startup mentioned in the book!

Would you be interested to get your startup mentioned in the book? I’m looking for interesting startup stories and tough situations in order to do some case studies in the book. You could get a double benefit from that:

  1. Being mentioned in the book is a solid and long term advertising. Who knows who will be reading it, maybe your new partners, investors or potential clients. So would you like an advertising for free?...
  2. The second benefit is that… During a case study of your startup, I’ll gladly share my insights. So you will get a professional startup marketing consultation for free.


Please, fill this survey and share it with your friends!

THANK YOU in advance! Wish you best luck in developing your business!

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