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Devil dozen of Indico Values.

by Sergey Inozemcev, from Indico Production, on Jul 21
The cynic knows all the price, but does not know the value. Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde.
Pitevaya voda

Participating in the development of a particular project, we are primarily involved in the promotion of its Values. About the fact that when determining the current value of a company, first of all, it is necessary to start from theses that form the basis of its formation.

I offer your attention the basic theses of own initiatives. Devil dozen, you know.

This is almost witchcraft:

1. At first the environment is formed - then this medium already gives the result.

2. The only way to build an ambitious company is to build a strong brand.

3. Ambitious projects do not provide services - they sell a way of life, they sell their client a certain social role.

4. Demand does not form proposals. There is no point in starting from the needs of people. 1.1 billion people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water, about one-sixth of the world's population. Try to earn on it.

5. All people on earth compete with interpretations, the objective world does not exist.

6. It's a mistake to think that all people have the same sensitivity. The world belongs to only two types of people: rapists and intuits. Most likely, these are two faces of the same coin.

7. Philosophy is the most important subject for a person building a new company.

8. Soft skills are more important than Hard Skills.

9. The main profession, which should be owned by the manager is the executive producer activity.

10. The best motivation for an interpreter is a thirst for revenge. The earl of Monte Cristo is an excellent candidate for the role of CEO.

11. Conflict is a way to identify your competitive advantages. In practice, there is no alternative option to determine your own fundamental qualities.

12. All strong communities are formed on the principle of a common enemy.

13. Where logic does not work, dialectics works. Growth hacking is almost always a paradox.


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