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Top 7 Inventions in 2016

by Nelli Orlova, from InnMind , on Sep 12
Startups are not always about inventions. But inventions usually become startups. Here is the set of the awesome inventions, cool gadgets and new technologies we've got in 2016. They can change our lives or at least make us a bit more happy ;)
Top 7inventionsin 2016

If you are talking about technological advancement, 2015 had a low profile. There were just a handful of big things but most of the days were technologically dry. However, 2016 has covered it up and introduced some amazing gadgets and devices that you simply cannot miss. Let’s have a look at TOP 7 INVENTIONS of 2016 which deserve a place in your tech cupboard. All these devices could definitely change the way you live and make it more comfortable.

1. Mosketch – a new computer software

top inventions 2016

How about creating 3D animations with just a touch of a pen? Yip, you heard it right. Mosketch allows anyone to transform their 2D drawings to 3D animations that too without any training. This software basically uses two types of animation methods viz. direct kinematics and inverse kinematics. Direct kinematics takes care of the change of character’s joints, and Inverse kinematics takes care of the movement of the character’s body part. Thinking of your own animated series?

2. iBrush 365 Toothbrush

top inventions 2016

Believe or not, most people in the world are not using their toothbrush in the right way. Don’t worry; iBrush 365 toothbrush invented by Alexander Kandemir is designed to correct all the brushing errors that all of us usually do.

Do you know that right way to hold the toothbrush is at 45-degree angle away from the gums? But most people hold it perpendicular to their teeth and gums which adversely affect their gums. Alexander’s toothbrush corrects all these bad brushing techniques and gives you whiter and cleaner teeth.

3. PowerShake – Power Transfer Interactions for Mobile Devices

top inventions 2016

Current devices have limited battery life that lasts merely for a few hours, and the worst situation arises when you don’t have any electrical plug in sight to charge your device. How about charging your device on the go?

Yes! PowerShake allows you to share the power left in your and your friends devices as per usage and requirement. This is a relief when you have power in you iPod and not in your phone and you suddenly need your phone. Simply, transfer the power and switch on the phone!

4. Smartphone-Connected Contact Lenses: Interscatter communication

top inventions 2016

It's difficult to imagine, but engineers at the University of Washington developed an innovative way of communicating that would allow contact lenses and brain implants to send signals to smartphones. The new tech called "interscatter communication" (as declared by its inventors) "allows Bluetooth signals and Wi-Fi signals to talk to each other". So for what applications do you think it can be used?

Co-author of the invention Vikram Iyer says, that it is possible to monitor blood sugar levels from a person's tears. Therefore, a connected contact lens could track blood sugar levels and send notifications to a person's phone when blood sugar levels went down. The researchers also said interscatter communication could be used to transmit data from brain implants that could one day help people with paralysis regain movement.

If you have a good imagination - share in the comments below what other applications could this invention be used for! ;)

5. Naked Mirror

top inventions 2016

You must be wondering what this mirror can do! This magic mirror is the first 3D body Scanner and fitness tracker that can scrutinize your body dimensions, weight and muscle mass.

This is perfect for those who are on fat lose program. Just place it in your bedroom and let it show you its miracle. Now the how part! This device uses infrared light to scan an individual’s body and then creates a 3D model and rest of it is on Wikipedia.

6. High-Tech Wine Bottle

top inventions 2016

Occasionally, everyone loves to have a glass of wine with dinner. But what do you do with the rest of the bottle after having a glass of it? You must be aware that wine reacts quickly with the air and gets bad once opened. So how do you save your favorite drink?

No need to worry as the company called Kuvée has designed a wine bottle that can keep your wine fresh for at least up to 30 days. How? Who cares!

7. Secom - security drone 

top inventions 2016

What do you usually use to protect your privacy and secure your home from interventions? Smart home system, special lockers, police alarm or maybe a well-trained Rottweiler? Instead of this Japanese company developed security drone that will chase down and follow people without human intervention.

The private security drone, which measures just 60cm across will be capable of quickly responding to a security threat, using four separate sets of rotors to fly to the scene.

Alternatively, it can be pre-programmed to patrol areas that aren't covered by static cameras. In the case of a vehicle, the drone will photograph the car and its license plate. If it's a person, it will attempt to get a picture of their face. Would I like to have the one at your place? Sure.. Hopefully it won't ba capable to make my private photos and send them to social media ;)

That's all for tonight. If you know any other cool inventions or gadgets which appeared this year - please chare them in comments, I'll be happy to discuss with you how will they affect our lives! And if you like this post - be gentle and share this in social media. I'll be grateful for this! Cheers ;)

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