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Healthcare Marketing 2020 - Top trends and tips

by Healthcare Mailing, from HealthcareMailing, on May 29
Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing market globally. Healthcare Marketing is an integral part of sustainable business growth.
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Healthcare marketing in the past few years has seen a tremendous change. The Internet has provided a natural approach to information and is serving well for the growth of online businesses. Almost everyone uses the Internet these days for their work or research, which includes their health. So, it is most important to stay up to date on the top healthcare marketing trends.
We have got you covered here. The list below shows the top healthcare marketing for 2020 you need to focus are-

Marketing in Social Media

In recent years, social media has taken over the direct marketing industry. The leading social media platforms like Twitter YouTube and Facebook office advertisers some great options to reach out to new audiences at a cost less than direct marketing.

The research done by Pew Research Center shows that almost 80% of the internet users search for health information on social media and nearly half of them search for information about a particular doctor or a health professional. And so you must take the benefits of social media networking sites to generate a lead for your practice. The social media platforms have got some powerful targeting and retargeting logarithms that will ensure that your healthcare marketing campaigns reach the right people.

Video Marketing

Just like 2019, video marketing will serve as the best channel for healthcare marketing in 2020. By providing valuable information to prospective customers, video marketing never fails to generate leads. For taking the best use of that, you need to make some informative videos about the content related to healthcare topics that your customers are searching for. You can start the youtube channel to share information about your business and service.

As video marketing continues to gain fame, YouTube has turned out to be the second largest search engine. It is now bigger than Bing, Yahoo, and AOL, with its search volume crossing 4 billion searches per month. For the more making your videos available on other channels that audiences love like Facebook will be extremely helpful for your healthcare marketing.

Personalized experience

With an industry rising that only focuses on buyers' expectations in response to growing out of pocket cost and value-based reimbursement, it has become necessary that healthcare marketers personalized their buyer's experience, reduce unnecessary expenditures and finally provide a return on their marketing effort. Marketing is shifting to a more precise era, just like the health care sector, shifting to specific medicines.

There was a survey conducted from Demand Metric which investigated the reasons to why the market does not personalize their content. It was then stated that it is because many healthcare businesses don't have the technology. In contrast, others don't have the necessary resources. The same research, however, stated that almost 80% of marketers strongly believe that personalized content is more effective the non-personalized content.

Mobile responsive website

To run a successful healthcare marketing in 2020, your business should hold a proper mobile responsive website, or else you won't get any virtual organic traffic on your healthcare business website. In 2018, Google decided to show only those search results that have come up from mobile version healthcare websites.

Also, In 2018 about 52% of web traffic came from mobile, which is increasing with every passing day. Therefore, every healthcare marketer should invest the effort on having a mobile responsive website.

Voice search

Voice search is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and common search engines for healthcare marketing in 2020. This is because of the rapid growth of items like Siri, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. In the past, your voice search has been used on mobile devices. However, with new in-home devices coming up over the past two years, voice searches have become a more integral part of how we interact with search engines. As per the reports of ComScore, nearly 50% of the searches will be voice search in nature by the end of 2020, which means that you need to prepare yourself for natural language style search SEO.


2020 has got a lot in store for healthcare marketers who have mastered the art of science of digital marketing. The above-given tips guide you to build success in healthcare marketing for 2020 and beyond said @Healthcare Mailing. With the ever-evolving and changing nature of healthcare marketingit is required to update yourself to develop effective strategies for growing your healthcare organizations. So, I hope you found these marketing trends helpful.


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