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How Podcasts can help Healthcare Business in 2020

by Healthcare Mailing, from HealthcareMailing, on Jun 1
The podcast can help you master the art of science of digital marketing. With their right implications, you can succeed in healthcare marketing in 2020 and beyond.
Healthcare mailing podcast article

Marketing health care professionals are not entirely dependent on their knowledge when it comes to formulating market campaigns and strategies. Instead, they spend some time doing the research work and gather information about their client's organization, competitors, and industries. This helps them to come up with the right marketing strategies.


Health care marketers get their research information from blogs, peer-reviewed academic journals, and articles. However, this has changed in recent times. There are other sources and platforms available as well that are used for gaining information. Podcast for healthcare marketing has emerged as a popular way of gaining marketing efforts. If you are new in the field and want to gain knowledge of what exactly is a podcast, and how do you listen to them? 




The podcast is free audio that is available on the internet. Podcast has been derived by combining the words pod and broadcast. It covers a wide range of topics related to the healthcare business, product information, and more. They are quite easy to download and help your customers to understand your business and service you provide. As per the reports by Edison Research, in the last few years, the podcasting audience in the healthcare business has increased significantly.


What are the uses of Podcasts in Marketing?


With podcast gaining popularity, the number of users using it to communicate is increasing eventually. As healthcare marketers, spend most of their time taking care of patients; they have got no time to read long articles for journals as to how to market their medical practice. Therefore, the podcast serves as a perfect medium for healthcare professionals who don't have the time to learn the latest marketing trends and best practices.


1.   Call to Action Podcast

You get the information on digital marketing here. Everything from strategy and planning to its execution, optimization, and measurement, it has got all covered. They have got some brilliant minds from digital marketing that provides you with an inspiring and actionable conversation. It serves as an ideal podcast for those who want to learn some tips and tricks about social media marketing, pays per click, or any other digital Marketing concept.


2. Marketing over Coffee Podcast

With them, you get the weekly updates of the fresh and trending news in the market. The podcast is news based and does not focus on a specific topic. It is an ideal podcast for healthcare marketing. It provides you with information about the newest trends in the market. Also, they provide you with relevant information, which can be helpful for you to make informed decisions.


3. Perpetual Traffic Podcast

Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman are the two hosts of this weekly podcast. They both share cutting-edge strategies for the marketers as to how to generate more leads for medical practice through pay traffic. This podcast studies remarketing, tactics and social media to provide you with the news about the best healthcare marketing in 2020. Also, their actionable strategies help you develop a good relationship with your clients.


Marketing podcasts for healthcare 


When you see the number of vacancies available in the healthcare industry, it is easy to understand as a five so many people work in this world. There are an endless number of people employed and different positions of assistant, surgeons, dental hygienist, and more.

As per the report of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a growth of 18% could be expected between 2016-2026 in the number of jobs available in the healthcare industry, which means more and more people are likely to get employed. The new growth percent makes healthcare facilities need to market themselves to attract new clients and keep their current plans coming back.


For doing so, you need to make your facilities separate from all the other healthcare providers with effective healthcare marketing in 2020. Here are some of the best podcasts for healthcare marketing- seeking wisdom, the science of social media, pharmacy podcast, HBR idea cast, Dr. Marketing tips podcast, and others. By listening to these podcasts, you will learn how to do healthcare marketing in 2020.


Uses of a podcast in Healthcare Marketing


The use of podcasts for healthcare marketing varies for different healthcare professionals.


1. Physicians


Physicians are the perfect fit for the demographic profile of the podcast. They can use the podcast for healthcare marketing for-

  • providing information about the medical examination
  • Update medical staffs
  • Update facilities
  • Formulate training videos

2. Health and wellness 


Podcasts serve as an excellent medium for delivering information about the general health public. The podcast can be designed to-

  • Promote broad listenership
  • Develop a relationship with users, not reached with other mediums Or, you can go for a niche audience as the patients with chronic conditions will be interested in them. The podcast provides them the information about how to take care of themselves. 

3. Millennials 


With the growing patient population, it is now time to find a way to reach them. This could help you pay future dividends. As per the survey of PNC Healthcare, millennials-

  • To save time and money, avoid preventive care. Opt for a podcast that provides them with essential healthcare information along with the importance of preventive medicine.
  • prefer to visit their physician virtually. Opt for a podcast that promotes Telehealth in your area.
  • choose to self-diagnose. With a podcast, provide them the information about essential health. This would help them determine when a doctor visit is necessary.


The podcast can help you master the art of science of digital marketing. With their right implications, you can succeed in healthcare marketing in 2020 and beyond said @Healthcare Mailing( A leading healthcare email list provider in the market). It is not easy to cope up with the evolving nature of healthcare marketing. However, podcasts for healthcare marketing are there for the necessary help. 

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