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Top 10 Business Cases Within InnMind Network: Startup Digest May 2020

by Administrator, on Jun 4
InnMind platform presents innovative startups from its database
Top 10 business cases within innmind network

From Agritech to Fintech, InnMind startups continue to empower innovation in different sectors and attract the attention of key market players across the globe. May became a truly fruitful month for the team in terms of hosting talented tech-oriented startups that are already gaining their traction in the chosen niche. 

Besides the barriers created by the spring’s lockdown, the majority of projects used this time wisely and concentrated on wrapping up their product development and taking the steps to proceed with a successful launch. Ranging from Pre-Seed to Series A, the startups featured in the list have a significant potential to make an impact already now. 

Overview of Top 10 startups on InnMind Platform for May 2020:

ProgressMe (Sweden)

Progress Me is a startup that develops digital tools in order to strengthen self-esteem among people with eating disorders, working to help and educate families and relatives, and create better systems and easier tools for health care providers.

Ionoterra (Israel)

Ionoterra is a scientifically and realistically proven system capable of predicting an earthquake 8 hours before the event. Currently, in countries such as the US, Japan or Mexico, the earliest Earthquake Prediction Alerts are up to 7 minutes before the event. In 2019 Ionoterra successfully accomplished a POC predicting earthquakes in Greece and western Turkey with an accuracy of 90.66%.

CommX (Singapore)

Ethereum based exchange trading tokens with a ready focus group of traders who already trade real-world commodities ready to use CommX asset-based exchange. The team won a $30k grant from one of the biggest blockchain projects in Singapore and the world, Zilliqa, for building a proof of asset app via smart contracts.

NU (Argentina)

Marketplace designed to facilitate the process of hiring the insurance for your vehicle and roadside assistance personalized services based on an on-demand model and focused on efficiency and flexibility of contracting.

Bloqcube (USA)

Bloqcube Inc., leveraging its founder’s deep domain knowledge in Pharma, has built a pioneering, innovative & integrated Clinical Trials Management and Financial system. It automates processes, minimizes intermediaries, integrates siloed systems – including financial/payments transactions. It boosts data fidelity, speed and provides real-time data on a decentralized basis. Bloqcube was also one of the winners of AI & Blockchain Summit Startup Competition organized by InnMind in November 2019 at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

Hire My Farmer (India)

HireMyFarmer integrates the Agriculture services and provides an open public layer to navigate farming lands and services of farmers, this unique platform provides an incubation layer for the Agriculture services where crop dependent farmers are showcased to Retail/Food business entities directly.

SeeknCheck (France)

Seekncheck is a marketplace for specialized translation and proofreading services. It connects customers to pre-vetted freelance language experts with verified experience and expertise in their industry.

Datalytics (Argentina)

Datalytics is an experienced company specializing in data integration, visualization, and mining, Big Data, predictive analytics, and data science. The main goal is to become an organizations’ strategic allies helping them to recognize the actual possibilities to analyze data.

Oropocket (India)

Oropocket is an alternative investment platform, which enables users to invest in fractional instruments, record the assets on blockchain and use the same assets as real money, in real-time. We are 100% asset-backed banking without the hassle that comes with traditional banks.

EsusFarm (South Africa)

eSusFarm is an agri-fintech that specializes in tracking and providing advanced agricultural statistical data to smallholder farmers and the entire agri-value chain for the purpose of increasing agricultural productivity, smallholder market and credit access, and the overall efficiency of the agri-value chain.

Serving as a meeting point between innovative tech talents and financial institutions, governments and corporations, the InnMind platform combines a user-friendly automated ecosystem with human efforts of the team. By identifying personal goals and vision, we put together all the opportunities and help to achieve the targets, starting from relevant introductions, mentoring sessions with industry experts, acceleration & fundraising programs as well as online pitching sessions with the most active VC players. 

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