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What is InnMind and using basis?

What is InnMind and using basis?

InnMind is a global ecosystem for all participants of innovation community:

  • providers and suppliers of innovative technologies,
  • IP based start-up founders,
  • researchers,
  • service providers,
  • applied science institutions,
  • support organisations.

InnMind provides efficient multifunctional instrument to help them to be more productive and successful.

InnMind is a 3 in 1 platform combining:

  • outstanding online database (marketplace) of innovative technologies, R&D projects and high-tech companies,
  • web network portal that connects professionals in the sphere of innovations
  • analytical platform, which systemises the data in order to analyse the trends of innovation sectors.

Call it “technological eBay” or “innovation LinkedIn”, it has never been so easy to promote innovative project in focused professional community, to find the right partner in high-tech sphere, to identify new business opportunities, to evaluate market prospective and to get in touch with interested business partners!

What are the advantageous features of InnMind database?

  • Alive projects.

    Our database presents only alive projects, companies and technologies (we control the quality our database in order to avoid fake profiles, copying and etc.)

  • Prompt direct connection.

    We double check the contact information of all companies, listed in database, in order to provide our users with easy-to handle instrument for prompt direct contacts with target partners from all over the world.

  • Reliable information.

    We regularly check the main data and stage of the projects, controlling the actuality and quality of information provided.

  • Assortment and representative view.

    More than __ thousands of projects from __ of countries. Up to __ technologies never listed online before. Plus __ new projects every week.

  • Off-line support

    Our outstanding network allows to organize promptly complex off-line coordination support for online listed projects: expertise, meetings organization, docs translation, risk insurance and other services which will simplify and facilitate the process of deal preparation.

I’m start-up, how can InnMind help me?

Our mission is simple: create more opportunities for the participants of global innovation community, connecting the innovation professionals and enabling them to win using unique target web-ecosystem.

In InnMind you can:

  • Position business or company.
  • Find direct contacts with target audience
  • Strengthen your team
  • Develop your business strategy thanks to

Presence in InnMind proves that the company listed there is active in innovation field. It provides start-ups and early stage projects with the easy to handle instrument of the company’s advanced profile creation, which could be the free substitution of the official website, presenting the open information about company/project to the potential customers and partners.

For existing companies it is the reputation and promotion impact, enhancing its positioning as innovative facilitator.

  • One-window entry to

    Getting tired of continuous web-surfing and participation in off-line events in order to get in touch with potential investors, customers and partners? All you target audience is registered in InnMind! All you need is to present online your company/project in the best possible way and promptly get into direct contact with the interested customers/investors and support providers among multiple support organizations and funding alternatives

  • Team strengthening/ recruiting opportunities

    HR direction allows selecting and attracting inspired volunteers and qualified employees from innovative community to strengthen your team.

  • Business development strategy

    InnMind is committed to our member’s success, providing maximum of useful information for innovative projects promotions in one space: online coaching services, articles and educational materials, templates and professional software helps early stage companies and start-ups to determine the right development strategy, easily create investment documentation, get the professional advice for many issues and etc.

  • Analytics

    Using InnMind widgets and analytical tools you can create customised dashboard, which will give you the overview of your business assets, help you to determine your company positioning on the value chain, compare with competitors, analyse market trends, etc.

I’m сorporation, how can InnMind help me?

  • New opportunities for R&D outsourcing

    Whenever you need highly qualified engineers for your high-tech solutions somewhere in Asia or technologies suppliers in any part of Europe, or have an urgent need to join a new R&D team, committed for solving very specific technical tasks of your company – InnMind will provide you with the most effective instruments for your tasks realization, allowing to get promptly into direct contact with the right specialists, check their competence, create an open call in InnMind web platform, etc.

  • HR

    Seeking for employees with very specific knowledge and experience in scientific/innovative/technological/R&D fields, you will find them all in InnMind HR source.

I’m investor, how can InnMind help me?

  • Investment opportunities

    InnMind database allows determining the most promising innovative start-ups and projects, seeking for investors, which suit your personal conditions: sector, region, development stage, requested amount, estimated ROI, etc. Given the wide range of the presented technologies, among which there are many of those, which were never listed online before, it is your opportunity to find “the treasurer” investment opportunity.

  • Market analysis

    Analyse your priority market segments, determine competitors and forecast the development strategy of your start-ups in target sectors.

  • Promotion & network expansion

    Introduce your company to broad target audience, attract start-ups, invite partners for joint financing, determine best due diligence service providers and technological service providers, etc.

I’m an service provider/researcher, how can InnMind help me?

By joining InnMind, service providers and scientific community users have the opportunity to get multiply benefits of networking within online professional community:

  • share knowledge and information regarding ongoing research projects, inform the community about your R&D success!
  • promote your skills services to the target audience; get in direct connection with customers and clients;
  • analyse the priority research directions of other participants of scientific community; compare your R&D strategy with the market trends
  • communicate with like-minded specialists from all over the world, discuss ideas, participate in brainstorming and professional discussions, expand your personal expertise, find the right partners for joint R&D projects realisation
  • apply for financial support, find opened tenders or determine the target support organisation for funding opportunities
  • find new job opportunities in your areas of interest, whenever in scientific institutions or commercial innovative projects

Supported languages

What languages does InnMind support?

For the time being shows content and provides customer service in English and Russian. We plan to implement support for French and German at the beginning of 2016. Other languages are being considered for the future. If you want to check when your language will be supported, to hurry us up with this or to help us with the translation (will be highly appreciated!) – please contact our Support center.

How to choose the language version to work InMind?

You can select your language from the Language link at the bottom of any page or in your Profile Settings page. Your choice will affect the language in which the site is shown and the language used in messages sent to you by InnMind.

The content you enter will display in the language in which you write it.

Note: You can also create your profile in another language, although all languages may not be supported by customer service.

Password resetting

What do I do if I forgot my password?

You can reset your password on the Sign in page. First, click the “Forgot password?” link and then enter an email address you have on your account. We will urgently sent you instructions and a link to reset your password to the email address you provided. You just need to go to the email account and follow the instructions in the message from InnMind.

How do I sign in to my account if I no longer have access to my email address?

Oops, we can imagine that you have many complications with the lost access to your email. In InnMind we want to make your life easier! First, try to sign in with a different email address, which you provided as additional email for your account. InnMind welcomes you to sign in with any email address associated with your account.

  • If you can't remember your password

    If you have access to your email address but you can't remember your password, find out how you can reset your password (link).

    Once you successfully sign in, add another email address or a phone number to make sure you can always access your account in the future.

  • If you’re still not able to access your account

    If you haven't been able to recover your password or don't have access to an email address associated with your account, we can help by verifying your identity. To do this, please contact our Support center and we will ask you to verify your profile details, providing us with a copy of identification document (passport, driving license, etc.), proving that it is really you.

    Note: Member privacy is a top priority for InnMind. We will only use your ID information for verification purposes, and we will delete it as soon as it helps us to know who you are.