This section presents you the tools, carefully chosen and tested by InnMind team, to help your business development. Instruments for team communication, marketing optimization, finance management and many others – everything that will make your life easier.

Automate your daily work and allocate more time for the strategic development of your project!

We wish you good luck in implementing these tools and lots of success in your business!

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Tokenizer logo vertical big white

Tokenizer – is a platform for creating smart contracts, which provides all useful instruments for making successful ICO. Advantages: Fast and simple, Secure, Affordable, Post-payment system. To get a special 10% discount contact InnMind team at

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Confideal icon

Confideal ia a service for conducting confidential international transactions in p2p network using blockchain technology. We offer solutions that help to complete transactions at low cost quickly and safely. Confideal can support complex solutions, integrating the principles of IoT, as well as the capabilities of Ethereum smart contracts.

ROMAD Holding Ltd

ROMAD offers a next-generation antivirus where users pay for the successfully repelled attacks only. No attack, no payment.

Write to to get the late beta. Join our telegram channel for more information.

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Company increases the number of payments from clients with shares with gifts with the minimum budget. Online service for analysis of audience, automated starting of shares with gifts in e-commerce, retail, online services and return of clients to store.

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Twenty20 fb img

Stock photos for creation of outstanding visuals for your content: 45+ millions crowd sourced photos for any type of content and advertising for your business promotion.

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Screen shot 2017 06 11 at 20.38.52

Tool allowing to draw graphs, create diagrams, visualise and structure processes. It supports teams working together on a project, helps to put information together and analyse it. More than 50 templates are available.

Screen shot 2017 01 09 at 00.14.59

Mind map editor Mindmeister – your assistant on the way to successful business. Take notes, plan projects, make presentations on-line. Warm up your brain with mind mapping – operative method of solution to business tasks.

Untitled design
Bright Advise

Bright Advise is a service of online legal advice at any place and at any time. Our mission is to help people to solve their problems by providing qualified legal assistance online. Lawyers can become Advisers on our service and get acsess to legal questions from all over the world. Customers can ask a question and specify the price on their own.

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Mailcoding logo app 300x284

Mailcoding gives you a unique and customizable number to which connect your name, phone and all your digital accounts such as email and social networks. The mailcode can be easily shared with anyone, avoiding any chance of misunderstandings and misspelling. It helps the networking among people all over the world, especially between those who don’t speak the same language.

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Image - key insights from bestselling books of business, effectiveness, psychology and technology, which helps to save time, helps to find the best books, focuses on the Essentials and keeps you updated on advanced information.

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Vantino logo vert

Vantino provides innovative IT consulting and nearshore outsourcing services to demanding customers and startups, including Software Consulting (Software Project Management, Software Systems Modeling, Technological Watch), Managed Nearshore Outsourcing (Web & Mobile Applications Development & Custom Applications Development), Dedicated Nearshore Team and Dev4Shares (special service for promising startups – 0-margin IT developments in exchange of shares in the company)

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Simformer squere

Business simulations platform for training and education.
- Fully interactive & practice-oriented learning
- A wide range of ready-to-go business games & training
- Easily customizable simulations to fit your own training program
- Optional integration with any type of LMS
- High training effectiveness at low cost

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Novapress publisher
NovaPress Publisher

Social media publishing tool which allows to automatically upload the new content directly from your website, add # hashtags and then schedule and post your content in Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, livejournal and other.

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Smartfield - Virtual Assistants for Startups - is a service that allows you to save time and money. It can help you with a wide range of tasks from making vendor or customer service calls to sending out thank you cards to prospective clients.

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Logo mm eng vector4 squared 1000 1000

MaketMixer - efficient tool for e-commerce offering the automation of product and pricing data processing. Earn more with automated competitor price monitoring, rich product content, drop-shipping with high product availability and good pricing.

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ChangeAgain is a visual optimization tool for A/B testing that is integrated with your Google analytics account.
The service expands your Google Analytics for A/B testing with the best experience. You can make experiments without changing a code and track your performance directly in your GA profile. It’s integrated with your own goals and events. Try it out and you won't regret it!

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Logo iubenda 450x450 1

Iubenda is an online tool for automatic generation of privacy policies - the most simple, stylish and effective way to generate privacy policy for your website.

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O8ehda2u 400x400

Hopox is a data-driven project management tool for Growth Teams, enabling you to create unlimited number of hypotheses, test and track them in real time. Incredibly useful tool to analyse startups development for investors and accelerators.

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Snip logo

Sniply adds your custom call-to-action to any page on the web, allowing you to engage your followers through every link you share. To benefit from the discount program, enter the coupon code "innmind" at

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Freshbooks logo rgb

Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You.

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Mc freddie color web

MailChimp is a tool for designing and organizing email campaigns, helping to communicate with customers and save the budget for a variety of CRM tools. Its robust marketing automation allows integrating with popular apps and services like Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey.

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tikiCheck Sàrl

tikiCheck allows companies to increase their profitability through their customers' feedback. We offer a simple and easy way to manage customer satisfaction & realize market research.

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carrot quest

Carrot quest - comprehensive CRM service with advanced client-management functionality and analytics.

Rees46 logo type3 color white single not transparent
REES46 eCommerce Marketing Suite

REES46 for brands is a programmatic advertising platform for brand manufacturers embedded in e-commerce websites. It promotes manufacturers' products directly to web-stores and allows manufacturers to increase visibility of their products with measurable results.